About the Archive

The Surfing Heritage Foundation is proud to present our archive to you. This archive has been building for the last 10 years and it continues to expand daily. Our intention is to share as much information about our various collections “On Line” as is humanly possible. As we move forward you will be able to view all of our surfboards, all of our books and magazines, all of our video taped and audio taped interviews, and all of our extensive photo collections.

Currently we have almost all of the early surf photographer’s photo collections. This includes TOM BLAKE, DR. DON JAMES, JOHN “DOC”BALL, LEROY GRANNIS, CLARENCE MAKI, WARREN BOLSTER, BOB JOHNSON and RON STONER. We also have the personal photo collections of famous surfers like: TOM ZAHN, PETE PETERSON, WALTER HOFFMAN, RENNY YATER, LORRIN “WHITEY” HARRISON, CHUCK QUINN, DON DAVIS, GWEN WATERS, DICK HUFFMAN, JOHN WITZIG, DICK METZ, HARRY BOLD and BOB KELLOG. This is only a partial list and we continue to add new collections each week.

At the Surfing Heritage Foundation we want to preserve the history of surfing for future generations so that they can see where (and when) things evolved during the formative years of surfing. We are happy to scan and meta-tag anyone’s photo collections at no charge. We return the original photos to you along with a CD or DVD of the photos. In exchange all that we ask is that we can use the images for “Educational Purposes”. Should someone desire to use an image that SHF does not have the rights for, we simple refer the people to the “owner” of the image to obtain permission. When we scan images we do our best to both color correct and restore the images to their original condition. Both film and photographic prints“fade” over time. By scanning every image in High Resolution we make exact digital copies available to the donors. We do not charge a fee for this service. We see it as a Win-Win for all parties.

Should you, or any of your friends, have photographs that you think should be included in our archive please contact our Photo Editor -steve@surfingheritage.org